• Subdivision      - Multi lot estates of green field site
    - Multi lot building subdivision
    - Smaller infill developments
    - Re-alignment of common boundaries
  • Consolidation – Consolidating two or more titles to create a single title
  • Create, vary or remove easements and restrictions registered on title
  • Title re-establishment survey – To determine the relationships between the adopted title boundaries and the existing occupation (buildings, fences, etc). Reports prepared outlining all details relating to title including excesses or deficiencies in title dimensions and easements or rights affecting title
  • Application survey – Survey and preparation of survey documentation to support applications to Land Victoria to amend title by adverse possession, rectification of anomalies in title dimensions or to bring land under the operation of the Transfer of Land Act
  • Crown grant survey – Survey and preparation of survey documentation to support an application for a Crown Grant or Crown Lease
  • Existing Site Conditions – Survey of site conditions to support permit applications



  • Building details survey – Survey of existing building elements including fixtures and fittings to provide an accurate drawing for architectural and engineering purposes
  • Tenancy area survey – Survey of buildings to calculate lettable areas in accordance with the Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement guidelines or some other method as required
  • Features & levels survey – Survey of properties including the location of buildings, kerbs and channels, services, significant vegetation and any other detail that may affect the design of proposed development. Levels relative to the Australian Height Datum or an arbitrary site datum are recorded at regular intervals and at changes in grade. Contours are prepared at requested intervals if required.
  • Building construction control – Survey to provide horizontal and vertical control marks to assist with the accurate construction of major projects
  • Movement monitoring survey – Accurate survey of structures to detect and report movement of that structure over time
  • Pipeline route survey – Survey to assist with the design and construction of major pipelines including the recording of as built position of pipelines
  • Pipeline detail survey – Survey to assist with the design and construction and refurbishment of major industrial installations including accurate determinination of the location of existing structures and pipework