Culliver & Sim Pty Ltd Land and Engineering Surveyors is a small surveying firm offering many surveying services including land and building subdivision, adverse possession applications, title re establishment, features and levels, tenancy areas and building details. For full details of the services we offer please see the following pages.

Culliver & Sim Pty Ltd uses only professionally trained Licensed Surveyors for all surveying taks. Our competitive fees are commensurate with the care and precision required to meet the needs of our many and varied clients.

  • 179 Queen Street
  • Castleburn Title Survey
  • 379 Collins Street
  • 530 Collins Street
  • Dargo Subdivision
  • Scotch College
  • WTC Northbank
  • LIP Hastings
  • Melbourne Market
179 Queen Street1 Castleburn Title Survey2 379 Collins Street3 530 Collins Street4 Dargo Subdivision5 Scotch College6 WTC Northbank7 LIP Hastings8 Melbourne Market9
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